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enpace AG
Information Technology

The Enpace AG was founded in 2021, to help you operate your IT in an effective and modern way. We provide consulting for cloud solutions, DevOps, IT automation, configuration management and monitoring. We support you with consulting and implementation. 

IT Automation

Operate your IT infrastructure and your applications in a comprehensible, secure and documented way. Your CMDB is the base for deployment and the operation of your applications. We help you to automate your IT cross-platform, no matter if your applications run on Windows, Linux or on Kubernetes.


We can help you to monitor your IT systems, services and applications in a comprehensive way. We are not tied to any software products, but we have experience for many years in monitoring, Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, Azures and much more.

Software development

We develop software on the Basis of Go and .NET. We are experienced in creating and maintaining modern user interfaces based on Angular and Vue. We develop custom-made solutions for your enterprise.